Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Friends is a priceless gift to us all.  

A good friend will always help another friend and will never try to suppress each other. Recognizing a new partner is a wonderful memory for me. Mint, Faa, Shahid, Emma, Ain, Nazirul, Baem, Shaf, Baby, Azwan, Faique, Mikhail, and Azzahari is a new friend of mine who I know through Facebook. Meanwhile, Suri, Mel, Bella, Lara, Lila, Yuna, Lily, Unn, Ratna, Mimiey, Liesa, Dania, Kamarul, Lan, Oppa, Toi, Henry, Vie, Joi, Babalu, Man and Sally is my best friend, we have been friends since primary school and secondary school until now! Friends forever guy's! All sorts of sweet and bitter memories have we faced together, and we still stay together until now. Indeed, friends are important in our lives. This is because when we feel lonely, sad, happy or any other feelings, a friend will always be with you in whatever situation you face and that's the meaning of true friend!