Saturday, November 13, 2010


I remember that when I was eight years old, I was grade three. Usually, the mother does not pay attention to her dress if she has a daughter, or else it is not peace. Before my mother is a nurse, she has all white coat and white shoes. As we know nurse has to wear the uniform in the working time. She just has some leather shoes, but I am also jealousy at them. Once, my father bought a pair of purple high heels for mother. Avoid letting me unhappy, they plan to wear during my summer vacation when they visit my grandparents. However, this little white lie broke up by accidentally. I am really more jealous than usual. I call for my father why they not buy high-heeled shoes for me? It lasts for a long time, father promised to buy a new pair of shoes for me finally. After that, I cheerfully wear the high-heeled shoes in my mother’s room, also look into the mirror time by time. That day, I asked my mother, when I can wear high-heeled shoes? Mom said, you can wear when you grow up. I say what time's up? My mother tells me that you can wear when you are 19. From that day on, I dream that I put on a pair of color high heels as beautiful princess. The year when I was 17, I go to my brother university. I find that there are many new freshman girls wore beautiful high-heeled shoes and walk in very good-looking appearance. However, I told myself that I just 17 years old, I promised to mother's day that I can achieve my little dream when I was 19. I continue to wait. When I sing "the last day of 18 of the life", I found that I was not so eager to have a pair of high heels any more. I prefer down-to-earth comfortable and convenient to high heels. I began to realize that I haven't graceful charm although I was 19. I can not remember the day I bought the first high-heeled shoes for myself until now. The high-heeled shoes are not suitable for me. I am regret and suffered after I wear it for several hours. I smile and tell good friends that I have to have a whole week for rest after wear the high-heeled shoes one day, otherwise I can't stand freely. My mother told me to take care of wearing high-heeled shoes when I take my first job. I don't know how to wear high-heeled shoes pain-free? Today, I totally understand. This would go back to last year. One day, I had to wear the high-heeled shoes for a few days, I got strongly pain. Maybe I was tired, I thought and no pay attention to it. But it gone worse, I had to go to hospital. My heart broke out when the doctor told me that it ishelosis. I was despairing. I spent much time and money on it. Sometimes, conversion experience really makes you feel different life. From now on, I will start walking in low cutter. We still need a pair of high-heeled shoes because we live in society, so we have to follow a rule. My friend introduce me louboutin. Christian louboutin shoe price is higher. It is a national famous brand. Although I do not like high heels, I own two pair of Louboutin shoes, it can help me maximum reduce pain.

If you meet me, please don't laugh at me, OK? Now, I want to say, high-heeled shoes, we grew up, with pain and happiness! I know.