Monday, November 15, 2010



If " I am bored " is the statement and " What to do when bored " is the question, in other words you have time to kill, below is a short fun (or stupid) list of things to do today! Come have a grin, have some fun and banish boredom forever! We do have a SERIOUS " What to do when bored " list! Below are more " BORED " links to some of our other pages this page is just for laughs or perhaps just to loosen you up a little, to help you with the transition from S-E-R-I-O-U-S to FUN!! Read it whenever you feel miserable, bored or tense! Here goes, just before you reach that fatal point of being bored to death! Boredom is after all only a lack of creativity!
  1. Ask someone for advice you don't need
  2. Listen to a painting
  3. Take your sofa for a walk
  4. Shave a shrub
  5. Hold a debate. Take both sides
  6. Interview a cloud
  7. Ask for advice at the chemist ... disagree
  8. Put legwarmers on the furniture
  9. Mug a stop sign
  10. Clean and polish your belly button
  11. Water the dog ... see if he grows
  12. Mow your carpet
  13. Rake your carpet (to clean up clippings from mowing)
  14. Dial-A-Therapist and argue
  15. Dial-A-Prayer for forgiveness for above
  16. Rent a dog to chase your car
  17. Let him catch it
  18. Sue the owner of above
  19. Confess to a crime you didn't commit
  20. Play solitaire - with your toes
Come, forget about S-E-R-I-O-U-S, you did at least grin didn't you? Add to your list, make a new list, get creative, see how far your mind can lose you or you it, take your imagination to another level for a change - expand or shrink a little. This is therapeutic - no costs involved to see a Therapist! It's better than "I am bored"! Make a list, send it to a friend, stick it on a wall, send it to me or at least let me know if you are still bored after you have made your list! 


There are thousands of people who are a bit bored out there! Cool, Fun Loving, Creative people like YOU can help - tell me what you and your family and friends do to brighten up your days! Think back - the most fun you've ever had, what you call yourself instead of " bored ", the greatest thing you've ever created, your next top priority " must do before I die " quest, past & present hobbies or simply what made you laugh for hours or kept you entertained for days! Here's your chance to MAKE someone's day with some new fresh " What to do when bored " ideas!