Friday, November 12, 2010


Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. 

" That is the true meaning of beauty! "

What are your basic essentials in your make-up bag?

I love doing my own make-up, it's always interesting to see the progressive change of your  faced! Some of my friends already know I am a pretty organized person and have this insatiable need to have basic essentials on me at all times because I fear a moment where I actually am in need of something (like a toothbrush) and it'll bother me not to have them in my possession. But it always works out when my friends are in need of something because I always have it handy!  So I thought ID post what's in my make-up bag, what I call my mini " Survival Kit " in my purse. How did I figure out what I would need? I simply asked myself if I were to not have the comfort of my home and all my things, and had to go somewhere, what would I need to get by to 'spruce' myself up in a jam? I corresponded each item in the pic below. I am also a girl on the go, so in additional to my make-up bag, I have a travel kit that just has dental floss, q-tips, make-up remover, Cortisone (my skin is sensitive and is always itchy), and a mini tinted moisturizer which believe it or not has come to the rescue numerous times when I am crashing at my girlfriend's house!!

Part of my make-up tools, most of the brand I'm used was M.A.C.

My new make-up tools

To keep my face to look clean, smooth and beautiful, I use products from SK-II

This is the result on my face after make-up!

My favorite make-up tool that is often used consists of brand M.A.C., Bobby Brown, Stilla and Revlon. However, I still use other make-up brands if necessary.  For my cleansing, I use SK-II brand products.

Special basket to put my makeup tools