Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hi Petto, I’m sure everyone has a funny line dance related story isn't?

Here’s mine: I was stuck in a non-moving traffic jam one day near the Jaya Jusco roundabout, and had my line dance CD blaring from my car speakers. As I will be teaching Mell in an event the following week, and the song just came on, I thought, hey, why not practice the call cues in the car, or I’ll be wasting the evening away in the jam, anyway. So I started counting, and totally oblivious to my surroundings besides inching forward every time the car in front of me move forward. I was so into the music that my body started moving and shaking (without me realizing) to the music. I’m not sure how long that went on (as I was in total oblivion) and I kept replaying the song to practice. I suddenly felt someone was watching me and as I looked up and woke up from my own world, I saw a lorry driver in the left line, slightly in front of my car, looking at me and shaking his body too! (I can see it as his lorry doesn’t have a door) As if he knows I’m dancing and wants to dance with me! I was so totally embarrassed but refused to give in to his taunting. I ignored him and continued doing what I was doing and hoped he won’t enjoy embarrassing me, LOL. Too bad, the jam was still like that and my car was in his visible sight all the time. I finally lost him when I got out of that jam.