Sunday, November 14, 2010


It is almost December, it seems that every year around this time I start to think about my grandmother. She was a tiny woman. Her name was Raja Jamaliah. I always thought how lucky she was. She saw bicycles, motor bike, first cars, radio and television. She lived through many many exciting times throughout history. My grandpa passed away in 1997 from cancer. My grandmother, never remarried, she lived with us for a while but he prefers to live in the village back and was a joy to be around there. Grandma love to to do knitting. I often remember coming home from school my grandmother was often seen knitting in the house. Her smile was always so loving and her gentle blue eyes sparkled with lights. She would come and get us a snack or tell us to give her a minute and she would clean up. Then we could play cards. She taught me how to play card game. Often after school my second brother and I would tease each other. She would grab a wooden spoon and chase him around the house,don't you tease Reena she would call out laughing and smiling all the while. It was just a joke of course and she loved the chase. We would all laugh. She loved to laugh,she really was happy all the time. My brother was three years elder than I. He had beautiful long eye lashes. Grandma would look at him and tell him how jealous all the girls would be about his eye lashes. He would blush,oh they are going to chase you, her eyes dancing. She was right, they did chase him! Grandma was a sickly baby when she was born in Perak. She was so tiny that her own mother carried her around on a pillow for fear of hurting her. They did not expect she would live as she could not hold any milk down .A knock came to her mother's door one day, a gypsy woman stood there. The woman told her you have a sick baby in this house, and you need to feed her thus and thus. Then the gypsy woman left. I am sure they were scared and desperate to try anything. So they took the gypsy's advice. My grandmother lived to now,never sick a day in her life. But suddenly grandmother get sick. Grandma would often tell us stories. One I loved was when her aunt had taken her and her sister to the zoo. Her aunt was very prim and proper, and was dressed in her finery. There was a hippo at the zoo, and they stood there looking on at it. Her aunt had a bag of crackers,and decided to feed the bag of crackers to the hippo. She was quite pleased with herself, as this hippo happily chewed away on the crackers. Then all of a sudden the hippo opened its mouth a spewed out all the crackers all over her aunt. My grandmother laughed as she retold the story. I do not remember grandma saying if her aunt laughed, guess I can ask her in later when she get well soon. Grandma like all grandmothers never had a cross word to say to us. In fact my mother told me she had never heard her mother raise her voice. Lucky her I thought, I heard my mother! She always had some special sweets for us,or an extra few bucks if went to the mall. We would often play cards as a family. Grandma loved the card game. When it was her turn she would smile and say " speak to me bones ". For some reason grandma won quite often, something to do with those bones, I suppose. Grandma always sang silly songs. One of hers that I remember was Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do. I'm half crazy over the love of you. I hope to find it on you tube and I will put it in this hub. She also use to quote a poem. There are tulips in the garden,there are tulips in the park. The kind of tulips I like best, Are two lips in the dark! She would twinkle as she read that poem, thinking how naughty it was! I miss my grandmother so much. She loved me for who I was all of our time together. I hope she will get well soon. Until then, I love you Grandma!