Monday, November 15, 2010


Megan Fox has an ectomorph body and this basically means that she has a very fast metabolism. She simply burns calories much faster than the average person does. I’m sure you’ve seen celebrities like Jessica Simpson, who are thin but must work very hard to remain that way. This isn’t the case with Megan Fox and won’t be until she reaches her 30’s. The age when most ectomorphs’ metabolisms begin to slow down. Megan Fox isn’t actually a big eater, her method of gaining weight when instructed too by a movie director was to eat a slice of cake before going to bed. Her favorite food is mashed potatoes, she loves sweet juices, and sugary iced teas, eats fast food once in awhile and does an insane amount of crunches. Other than that there isn’t a special Megan Fox diet or workout. She’s also extremely active. The past year she was basically running hard on the set of her new movies the Revenge of the Fallen and Jennifer’s Body. Keep in mind Michael Bay (director – transformers) is known for pushing his actors to the limit. I mean do the math she eats 2000 calories a day but burns off more than that. She actually struggles to keep weight on. Bottom line: Megan Fox doesn’t go out of her way to look the way she does, she doesn’t have a secret workout or diet. She’ll need ‘em in 10 years time though. So save your money and don’t fall for Megan Fox diet fads.